Someone notified Ann Arbor city officials over the weekend that there was water leaking from a manhole at the University of Michigan Arboretum.

Some sniffing around determined that the leaky manhole was the result of a blocked sewer line, which was causing an overflow.

Crews sent out to determine what was blocking the sewer discovered that it was partly due to a three thousand foot length of rope that was reportedly left behind by a contractor who misplaced it while inspecting the sewers. Whoops.

They said that the blockage was caused 'in part' by the epic length of rope; they don't clarify what else was contributing to the issue.

It's estimated that about 300,000 gallons of sewage spewed into the Arboretum, then into the Huron River.

Indications are also that a deflated sewer plug was also found during the discovery process.


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