In case you didn't know, young people are having "COVID Parties." They recently had one in Texas and it killed a 30 year-old man. Click here to see that story.

Michigan had a BIG OL' COVID Party over the 4th of July but no one really knew it.

Several people tested positive after the big 4th of July party at the Torch Lake sandbar. Me, I personally believe they have been trying to get people to stop partying at Torch Lake for YEARS. Did someone see an opportunity to give the Lake a black eye? My guess is YUP. I think someone is using the pandemic for their cause. I am sure EVERY Lake in Michigan had some infected people at it.

Anyone with questions about testing or about potential exposure should call the health department at 1-800-432-4121.

OK, enough about conspiracy theories. Florida just had over 15 thousand cases reported in one day, setting a record... The same day they reopened Disney World. So much for the heat killing it off, huh?

Dozens of US Marines in Japan have been infected with the virus. Japan had the virus under control with under 22 thousand cases. Now they are demanding answers from the U.S. and accuse the Americans of not taking the virus seriously. They believe this will trigger a massive outbreak. In one day, Florida had 7 thousand less cases than all of Japan has had the entire outbreak. IN ONE DAY.

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