Jesse Mannausau is from Alma and his band is amazing. I loved the band Staind and they remind me of them a lot. Minus the whining. This dude is for real and I am a huge fan of Others Eyes and his music.

Jesse is a Facebook friend. One day, I decided to go to his page and then I stumbled on to his Spotify music. I gave them a heart and can't believe they haven't blown up yet.

Click here to check out Others Eyes on Spotify. "Dreams of Yesterday" is my favorite so far. My wife even loved it.

Here is a chance for you to check out Others Eyes live in Flint.

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When he isn't rocking on stage with national bands. Jesse works a day job and he and his wife are raising a couple girls in Alma.  I am sure he hopes this whole music thing takes off so he can quit his day job? Check out Others Eyes and support this AWESOME Michigan music.

Courtesy of Jesse Mannausau and Others Eyes
Courtesy of Jesse Mannausau and Others Eyes

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