With social media, "Throwback Thursday" can bring out some of the funniest memories. While stopping by a local fuel station the other day, I happened upon Ryan Holmes of Grand Ledge and his 1984 AMC Eagle. Complete with bug screen and after-market fog lights, this car was getting the attention of every guy that had it in his sights.

For those who don't remember AMC, they were the guys who brought us vehicles like the Matador, Belvedere, Javelin (AMX), Pacer and Gremlin. They truly moved to the beat of their own drummer. And AMC owners still revel in the glory of being unique. Ryan was gracious enough to pose for the photo for me. Despite the fact that I still couldn't believe what I was seeing!


Check out this commercial for the AMC Eagle from 1984! I just can't imagine why they aren't being produced today. LOL!!!