Voting is on now at for your favorite Michigan Historical Theater. Click here to cast your vote and read all about it. I was bummed to see the Sun Theatre in Williamston didn't make the list. I guess it will just be historic for me and it would have gotten my vote. My favorite theater is Celebration Cinema. Especially now, since they have the big recliner chairs and spacious seating but I always like a classic theatre.

Can't we agree on the spelling of theater? When I was a kid, we were taught the correct spelling was theatre. Now, I get the spell check red underline. Yet, the Michigan Theatre and Sun Theatre still use the traditional spelling? I am lost.

Can we also agree on clapping at the end of the movie? Why do people do it? It's not like the usher working the show will let the filmmaker know his work was appreciated. The people who made the movie aren't there. Why are you clapping? Just so you can let the guy next to you know you enjoyed the movie? Makes me stabby.

Ever notice how snobby actors never say the word movie (see Tom Cruise) and only refer to their work as films? Rant over. Vote Quimby!

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