The Howell Police Department shared this flyer on their Facebook page, reporting that four teenagers were walking around downtown Howell seeking cash donations for back to school supplies for needy kids. They were reportedly collecting on behalf of LESA - Livingston Educational Service Agency. Turns out, that's not true.

"Within the last hour, four juveniles were seen in the downtown Howell area requesting cash donations for kids in need of backpacks and school supplies. They show the flyer (shown here) and were telling people that the proceeds would benefit LESA. The Howell Police Department followed up and LESA is NOT doing this kind of fundraising. If you see these juveniles at downtown businesses or homes, this is a SCAM.

Call 911 to report their whereabouts."

Check out some of the comments defending the teens. Do you feel that if the kids were using the cash to buy their own back to school supplies, it was ok? Or do you think they're scheming fraudsters who outta' be arrested?

They do get points for being resourceful...


Back to School Scam

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