People die every year shoveling snow. I see people under 50 dying every year just trying to remove the white stuff from their driveway, walkway. It's dangerous in the freezing cold. Seriously, it kills people every year. If you have high blood pressure or a heart condition, you should consider paying someone to do it.

We are fortunate here. My brother in-law plowed us out today. We loaded up on groceries yesterday so we were set for about a week. Living in the pandemic has had us planning NOT to leave for 2 weeks at a time. We both are fortunate enough to STILL be working from home, almost a year after this whole thing started.

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If you don't have to leave, I wouldn't even shovel the driveway. It'll be flirting with freezing this weekend and it could be close to 40 on Monday and Tuesday. Yes, it's a week away and things could change but as of now, it looks like our good ol' mother nature will be doing a melt off in the next few days.

I get some places you have to shovel the sidewalk or get fined! We live in the middle of nowhere. No one to hear you scream... I mean, if you fall and need help.

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You will probably want to keep in mind, I am a radio personality not a licensed meteorologist. Hell yeah, spelled that right on the first try!!!

I am also not a professional journalist or a human being.

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