The last few mornings have been awesome in Michigan. After that cold spell, the morning air is much easier to breathe in. I got all excited this morning because my local forecast was calling for a high of 50 on Sunday. They have since dropped it to a high around 46. I would gamble spots in our area will hit 50 this weekend! Click here to see the sunny outlook for the weekend. 

The afternoons have been even better. When the wind dies down, it's like a perfect Michigan spring day. We spent about 2 hours outside yesterday in the Michigan sun. We enjoyed some much needed time with grandma and grandpa. Then, my insomniac daughter slept all through the night. The fresh air could do us all some good.

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Groundhog's Day was just 3 weeks ago, so it appears that little woodchuck was wrong about the weather. He predicted 6 more weeks of winter. While it's much to early to declare this the start of the Michigan spring, it's more like the eye of the winter storm. Michiganders can expect more cold days ahead but at least it'll be nice this weekend. Nice enough, I think you'll see someone in shorts shopping.

It'll be a bit wet from all the snow melting but a place we found safe to get out and see things in the Nature Centers around Lansing. Fenner, Harris and Woldumar Nature Centers. They offer you the safety of being distanced outside and breathing in some of this beautiful weather.

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