The ultimate biker party, the Easy Rider Rodeo, begins tomorrow in Fowlerville.

Early Bird camping begins today at NOON! Please, tell that to the 100 campers that have already been camping at the Fowlerville Fairgrounds. They have been waiting in anticipation of this legendary event.

So much goes down there, I can't even explain it all. Fun for adults? Ladies showing off their gifts. Guys showing off their big... BIKES.

One year after the rodeo, I saw a friend who attended. I asked him how it was? He pulled out his phone and showed me a picture of a young lady baring her chest. He happened to catch her face in the picture. Sure enough... It was someone I "dated" in high school.

They will have a wet t-shirt contest, badass barstool races, live music and the Purrfect Angelz performing fire lickin’ and aerial performances.

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