My heart broke a bit when I saw the post but I get it. From the Feed Bag Fowlerville.

Hello to all our customers. I have made the tough decision to close down after the Fish Fry tonight. I was trying so hard to keep money coming in so that I could pay my help and to feed the community during these difficult times. The fear my employees are now facing every time they come to work is outweighing the decision to keep working. So in my heart I know it's best to have everyone home and safe with their families. I will be communicating any information I have as far as a re-opening date as soon as I have it.

I wanted to send a huge thank you and hug to everyone of our customers. This community has been so supportive of us as they continue to place as many orders as they can to keep us going. I'm so thankful to each one of you for that. I've had people giving extra tips to my struggling waitresses and some just dropping off money for them all to share. Huge love to all of you for that.

I am truly sorry for those of you that have relied on us for food for you and your families but I know this is the best decision for all of us now.

Man, did people show up.

This is our favorite place to eat. We have made so many memories in the Feed Bag. The funniest thing about the place is Michelle Heinig, the owner... WILL NOT ALLOW US TO PAY FOR OUR MEALS.

I believe for about 3 years, they wouldn't take our money. We left some nice tips though.

It all started before Sabrina and I had Nugget. We were doing OK so, whenever we went to eat there... We would pick out someone and pay for their meals. Then leave before they knew what hit em. We did this about 10 times. Military, preachers, single dads, elderly. Soon, the Feed Bag stopped giving up our bill. We were like, wtf?

Michelle called us family and the feeling is very mutual. I pray this ends soon and we can all go back to normal. I can't wait to get me another one of the BEST DAMN BURGERS IN LIVINGSTON COUNTY! 

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