Hearing all the National talk about the Lakes in Michigan got me thinking about all the good times I have had on them growing up here in the Great Lakes State. I have swam in them all except Ontario... Superior is easily the coldest. Huron is underrated.

My first real lake love was Round Lake in Laingsburg. My aunt and uncle had a house there a few doors down from "Club Roma." It's rumored Al Capone used to frequent the club and may have been supplying it with illegal booze but I ain't sayin' nuthin'. At least, it's known he had his own room in the back, there. So many great memories on that lake with my family. I will buy that house if it ever goes up for sale.

My first Great Lake was Lake Michigan and she is my Greatest GREAT Lake. Summer camps, trips with the family as a kid, now with my family as an adult. I have a favorite place and it's the beach at Frankfort. I captured some great photos there. They are pictures of the sunset on Lake Michigan in Frankfort or Empire by Sleeping Bear.


Lake Michigan Shots

One of the favorite memories of a Lake would have to be Pontiac Lake. I went there with my friend and his entire family. They had a boat and went tubing. I had never been before. The force of the boat pulled my swimming shorts down, almost all the way off. I caught them with my toes. I loved the thrill so much I couldn't let go. Until, I was about to lose the shorts with my toes. Then, I let go. I was bare assed over Lake Pontiac for at least 10 minutes. That is why they call me Joey Pants... (No, it isn't)

Seeing my daughter swim in Lake Huron was pretty special too. Click here to see that. 

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