Every year when Walmart puts out their Christmas crap, I stop for a picture in one of their ugly sweaters... This year, one truly spoke to me.

I was out shopping the other day and stumbled upon this gem. I immediately texted my wife:

"I feel like I HAVE to have this." She replied.

"You have 2 bins of Christmas S*** at home!"

Me, not to be denied: "But NO Christmas SWEATERS! ALL the other husbands are getting one!"

She replied: "FINE!!! EFFIn Brat!"

I don't know of you can appreciate the work in this sweater. For 20 bucks, I got a badass Santa rocking an orange construction vest with some snazzy shades on. The feel of it is what I really liked. My daughter loves the different textures of his outfit. The fuzzy beard. The slick vest. The sparkly shades.

It was worth the separation and divorce.