Christmas may be over, but as we head into the new year, I decided to keep the spirit of the holiday alive with my beautiful lighted cactus.

I should preface this with letting you all know that cacti are my absolute favorite. I would accept a new cactus or succulent over flowers any day!

So, when my aunt surprised me on Christmas Eve with this Christmas cactus, I knew I had to bring it here!

Complete with a cable you just plug into any USB port, this little guy is going to be hanging out on my desk all throughout 2020 to keep the spirit alive!

To be fair, I don't think this is necessarily always a Christmas cactus. It could be a fun little disco cactus or anything we decide we want it to be!

For right now, this cactus has been dubbed "Carl" and we will be "flat Stanley"-ing this cactus; stay tuned for its adventures around the WMMQ studio!

Can I admit it is a bit childish? Sure!

Am I still going to do it anyways because that is who I am as a person? Absolutely.


The Holiday Spirit Lives On With Maitlynn's Christmas Cactus!
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