I was very bummed on Friday to hear of the passing of Chris Corley. He has been the voice of WMMQ since 2008. I write and produce pretty much everything that goes on the air here and I worked hand in hand with Chris.

Our relationship started, like most professional voice guys. with emails. It didn't take me long to realize, he was probably the best in the world at what he did. But he knew it. MLB, Fox, movie, radio... He did it all and he did it GREAT.

My first interaction came via email. I write a script, he reads it. But he wanted the script written very specifically. One time, he chewed me out IN HIS VOICE read. I have laughed for 10 years about this. We paid for it...

I played that for so many people.
Chris was a bad ass that pancreatic cancer claimed at just 55 years old. He is the second member of my WMMQ family to be taken by this bastard pancreatic cancer.

Shine on, Chris... Heaven has the best voices. Click here for more of the story. 

WMMQ will start sounding a lot different without the voices of Deb Hart and Chris.

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