This video is a few years old but still rings true, even in these times.

My parents call asphalt ASH-Fault. My mom also refers to children as KEYDS. My niece pronounces Mittens just like he did. Meh-ins.

I call it soda because I always wanted to be different. I went down south when I was young and they made fun of me for calling it pop. After almost going to jail, for another matter, I haven't been back down south since. I can still see my friend running from the police station back to the hotel. Scarred for life, I call it soda as a reminder. (sarcasm)

My buddy Mike F*****G Fritze arrived from New Bedford Mass in 7th grade. Wow, did we kill him on his accent. We were relentless. East coasters call the police, Kwops. Scallops is another one we took great joy in. They refer to them as Skul-upps. We give it the A SKALL-upps. Listen to that Michigan accent as you say it. It's there.