So, not long ago I took my first item back to Costco. I didn't have a receipt and the return was taken care of in 30 seconds. I am not exaggerating or being paid to say this. They scanned the barcode and said "cash or Costco cash card."

I said "Costco cash card of course."

I had an experiment I wanted to try. After thanking them for not making the return a pain in the ass, I went to the Costco gas station. By the way, it was 2.65 per gallon. Most places in Lansing are at 3.05. I slid the Costco cash card in and BAM!!! I didn't need a Costco membership card to use the gas station with a Costco cash card. You may not get how cool that is but It's kind of a secret.

Costco also has some cool Halloween decorations. Only seven 7 foot butlers left!

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