A few years ago, my mother in-law was bitten by a tick. She eventually got lyme disease and almost didn't make it. Thankfully, they finally figured it out but it took about 2 years to determine what was killing her.

The Detroit Free Press had an article that said tick-borne Lyme disease cases for humans are going up in Michigan. Click here to see the story.  They say the February warm spell could could have hatched some fresh ticks. 6 Ticks were recently found on a dog here in Lansing.

The numbers aren't at an epidemic level, just something else to worry about. There were under 30 human cases of Lyme disease reported in Michigan in any year between 2000 and 2004. In 2009 that number had jumped to 90 reported cases. By 2013, it was 166 cases. The tick invasion is on. Check your animals and kids.


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