I only go out in public if I HAVE to. Yesterday, I had to. I walked into a Pharmacy and the person running the register, behind plexiglass had a mask on. I said "nice to see you wearing a mask." They said, "We have to now." I looked at the pharmacist, the guy filling the prescription bottles and he didn't have one. I thought that was kind of strange and unfair to his coworker, let alone the prescription of mine he just filled. Click here to see the full executive order. 

I am not going to narc out anyone. I mean, I kind of did here but didn't name any names or places. I mean NARC someone out. Call the authorities on them. Name names.

Some places won't even issue tickets to those who break the law, like in Macomb County. There is confusion on who is even enforcing it. There is no hotline to report people not wearing masks and you should NOT call 911. Click here for more blah blah.

There is such a polarizing mask debate and it's really stupid. We are headed towards a very dark winter, the infectious disease doctors keep warning us. One of them, "The Natural" Dr. Robert Redfield said "the mask is our best defense against the virus." He said "if we all wore face coverings for the next 6 weeks, we would drive the virus into the ground." Click here to see that. 

If we don't, the virus and the flu will make for a very difficult winter.

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