My nephew was showing my Snapchat this weekend. Just the main wall alone left me feeling like an unfrozen caveman lawyer... Frightened and confused. I'll stick with Facebook until it dies like Myspace.

So, let's talk conspiracy theories. Question 1:

Do you believe social media was created by our government or foreign to gather information about us?

Question 2: Do you think the genealogy websites are also government run?

Question 3: Do you think a fat guy with a mullet drinking a beer can use a bus to make a 160 foot plus jump?

My buddy Chad shared this today. I saw a guy with a beer and a mullet and I thought... "This is going to end ugly." It was AWESOME!

What is really funny is, I thought I recognized that guy. I was sure I knew him. Then I remembered this is 2019 and I haven't seen that haircut since before Hannah Montana was a thing.

Reminded me of this.


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