Back in 2003, I was an intern here at WMMQ. I just started to help out the station at the Brown Bag lunch and wasn't on the air yet. The Brown Bag Lunch Concert Series played right in front of the Capitol Building and city hall. State workers and people who worked in the city would bring their lunch and enjoy live music.

From the Joey Pants Stash

Well, kicking off week #4, I had just returned as an intern and was just helping set up when I was asked to introduce the band. Being put on the spot, I walked up and said "make some noise and welcome to the Brown Bag Lunch concert series!" The band, Those Delta Rhythm Kings didn't start playing. I didn't say their name because I didn't know it. It was one of those deer in the headlights moments. I asked the bassist, "What's the band name." He told me and I introduced them with a laugh. It's a moment I will never forget.

We stopped the Brown Bag series in 2007. Artist Dennis Preston used to do the awesome artwork on the shirts. For some reason, I never got one. Until Larry Allen passed away in December. Some time around April, I went to my office and found this shirt sitting on my office chair. They were going through Larry's stuff for the upcoming auction and they set aside a few items for me and this happened to be one of them. To have anything from the great Larry Allen is truly an honor. I wear the shirt with great pride and am very grateful for those who saw fit to give it to me.

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