If there's one thing I really enjoy doing, it's writing posts about our Great Lakes State. Today I want to talk about the most amazing waterfalls you'll ever see here in Michigan.

Being the tenth most populous state in America, we are also one of the states with the most picturesque waterfalls.

According to the crazytourist.com, since Michigan has almost 65,000 inner lakes and ponds, no resident is ever further than six miles from a natural water formation.

Let's take a look at the Top 5 Waterfalls in Michigan:

1. Bridalveil Falls can be found along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, which is only 1.5 miles from Miner's Beach. This waterfall is best seen on a boat cruise from the water. Bridalveil Falls are unique in that the water cascades right into Lake Superior.

2. Alger Falls lies one mile south of Munising. It is easy to walk to but can also be seen from your vehicle. Alger falls is located in Alger County and there are a few different waterfalls you can enjoy nearby.

3. Agate Falls Scenic Site is seven miles west of Bruce Crossing in the Interior Township. It is open year round, but the best months to visit are between April and October. This beautiful waterfall is 39 feet tall and flows over sandstone.

4. Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site is positioned three miles north of Sundell. The hike is only one mile long and is great for all ages and fitness levels. The falls are very beautiful. They flow over limestone bluffs into a ravine, and some people choose to go fishing there.

5. Bond Falls is one of the most beautiful falls in the Midwest of Michigan. There are six different viewing locations and three platforms, which makes it easy for you to snap that perfect picture.

Would you like to check out more beautiful Michigan waterfalls? Crazytourist.com has more.

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