I told people once I had a baby girl I wasn't going to do anymore Booty posts... It didn't even last 5 months. This booty story is so crazy I HAD to share it. A transgender named Oneal Ron Morris has been sentenced to 10 years for bogus booty injections. Click here to see the full story and to check out her booty. IT'S WORTH THE CLICK. Like oh my God, Becky.

She mixed up Fix-a-Flat with Super Glue and CONCRETE and was injecting it into ladies backsides. Before you knew it, someone died from it. On the surface it seems to make sense. Got a flat ass? Fix-a-Flat?

When I was going to broadcasting school, one of the girls referred to another female backside as a stupid ass. "Her ass is so big, it's stupid." This covers all bases on this story.

I like big butts and I cannot lie. No more booty stories... Unless they are stupid.

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