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A local organization here in the Lansing area is looking for volunteers to help sick children make it to their Doctor appointments.  Since the coronavirus hit the pandemic forced a number of people to stay home because of safety measures.

The Davis Project is a non-profit  organization that provides volunteer drivers to give rides to medical appointments for children who would other wise have no way to get there.  Rides are also given to pregnant  women and for parents with a baby that is in the neonatal intensive care unit.  This is if they have no other way to get to the hospital.

The reason for the need right now is because many of the drivers are elderly and they are concerned about their own health.

WILX  reports that as Doctors start accepting more patients , the need for volunteers will be growing.

Volunteers are screened and have to undergo virtual training.  The Davies Project says their motto is "more than just a ride because this isn't a Taxi service, this isn't just driving somebody to an appointment , this is relationship building".

Last year the Davies Project provided 1,623 rides , that number will be growing and that is why they have a need for more volunteers.

There is  a website if you need more information  about the Davies Project or would like to volunteer.,

WILX has more on this story. 

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