The critics HATE Greta Van Fleet.

"They sound too much like Led Zeppelin!"

"They don't move around on stage enough!"

What? That is what one critic was saying about Greta's Saturday Night Live performance. Click here to see that BS.

Hey, have you ever seen Alice Cooper, Bob Seger or Ted Nugent perform on Saturday Night Live? Just a funny side note: If you google Led Zeppelin SNL- Greta Van Fleet comes up as the top search.

All I am saying is: Give these guys a chance. They don't move around a lot because they are young and concentrating on their sound. I would rather have a band sound good than flop around like fish... But that is just me.

Check out Black Smoke Rising...

Here is "You're The One"

The band already has as many #1 hits as Bob Seger. Yet half the people in their own state don't support them.

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