All this time in Michigan and I thought the highest point was Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island. Come to find out, it's Mount Arvon in beautiful L'Anse Township in the Upper Peninsula.

L'Anse Township is located in the heart of Baraga County in Michigan's U.P. It's right there on the shore of Lake Superior. Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes.

L'Anse Township is such a beautiful area with forested hills, cool streams, historical towns and sites. (

Are you ready to take a look at the highest point in Michigan? It's definitely an unforgettable drive to the top of Michigan's Highest point. And I've just added it to my list of things to check out in Michigan.

According to, "when you consider landscapes in Michigan, our state is largely known for its gorgeous beaches, beautiful forests, and stunning sand dunes."

Our Great Lakes State will take you on an entirely new adventure throughout Michigan's natural beauty, and you will soon feel like you're high above the clouds.

Mount Arvon has a peak elevation of 1,979 feet. Is that high enough for you? This is such a breathtaking spot which is the highest natural point in the entire state of Michigan.

They say it's really important to have the right vehicle as you make your way to the community of L'Anse because of several gravel roads heading toward the top of Mount Arvon.

Once you reach the end of your adventurous drive, you will finally see a sign letting you know that you've reached Michigan's highest point. Take lots of pictures please.

Once there and if the weather is clear, you will see an incredible view atop Mount Arvon overlooking the beauty of Lake Superior.

Mount Arvon, here I come!

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