Spoiler alert... Everyone dies.

Have you ever sat through a funeral and thought "who the hell are they talking about?"

Sometimes when people are die, you hear people do a eulogy and it is nothing but lies. My hand to God, I almost died laughing at one once. A family member passed and someone got up and said "they were a people person." I had to cover my mouth. NO THEY WEREN'T! EVERYONE KNEW IT!

So, I saw this today on my friend Jill's page and thought it was an idea worth sharing.

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My friend Jill wrote hers: "She liked naps, vodka, saying f*** multiple times a day, and sarcasm. She didn't always hate everyone all the time."

My friend Gary wrote his: "This is actually a fun game! I’ll go next!
He was always dominating the conversation and most of the time he was just repeating stuff he saw on Saturday Night Live. He never took things seriously. He was the type of guy who, when he said he was going to do something, he did NOT do it. Moderation was not something he understood."

I thought his was awesome, so I added mine: "He never met a mirror he didn't like. The sound of his own voice was like a waterfall in a desert to him. He was the type of guy who would do something stupid, then make fun of the next person for doing the exact same thing. If he ever saw someone do something good, he would claim he did the same thing. He was born on first base thinking the world cheated him out of a triple."

Anyway. Fun can be had with this if you are honest about yourself.

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