A convicted pimp says his case is tainted because the man who convicted him of sex trafficking, Stuart Dunnings III is accused of the same crime.

"If you're accused of what I'm accused of, how can you accuse me?" Purnell asked.

You can see the full story by clicking here. It's on the front page of the Lansing State Journal today.

This is a man who we paid up until a few weeks ago, when he officially resigned. I realize these are alleged crimes but maybe suspending pay until the outcome of the case is clear was prudent in this situation. What irritated the situation even more is, he already filed for his pension. So, potentially could we be paying for the retirement of a convicted sex trafficker if he is convicted?

The accusations are pretty bad. One woman who was in a child custody dispute accused him of trying to get her to take money for sex. Also, Sheriff Gene Wrigglesworth said his name had been coming up in prostitution cases for years. He faces 10 counts of prostitution.