Hedy Steinbart was 14 years old when World War II erupted in her German homeland. Her story here is an amazing testament to human will and determination.

Steinbart emigrated to the United States in 1952, seeking a better life than post-war Germany offered. She eventually made Lansing her home, where she raised a family, worked and made better life.

One of the family traditions Steinbart began was making cherry infused vodka from cherries picked in northern Michigan. Her brew each year yielded five gallons for sharing with friends and family, as well as toasting holidays and special occasions.

Steinbart's grandson Kyle Miller, originally from Okemos but now makes his home in Chicago, is taking his Oma's Cherry Infused Vodka recipe nationwide. The first bottles of the craft-brewed spirits will be available on Monday, January 16th.

I loved Steinbart's quote in the Lansing State Journal regarding the idea of her vodka filling glasses across the land:

"It's fine with me," she said. "At my age, you don't get too excited."



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