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My friend Dan Brown posted this to his Facebook last night around 9pm.

By Prospect and Pennsylvania Ave at 6:45 Thursday evening.

He said he works for Uber Eats and was making a delivery. He turned his back, turned around and saw a kid hop in and take off. He told me:

Several kids that were playing basketball on Prospect saw it and from what they told the police they think they know who took it.

But they haven't found it yet. So, if you see it, son't go into vigilante, give ol' 911 a call. I know he should have locked it but just imagine if it was you, how pissed you would be.

The last person I saw when I went shopping back in a store back in March was Dan Brown. We spoke as I was checking out. I remember it as the last time I went shopping and the last time I went in somewhere without a mask on. He was one of the last WMMQ listeners I ran into in public.

A few years ago, my brother in-law had his old beater stolen out of my parents driveway. I said something about it on the air and the car was found later that day. I am not saying it can happen again... But wouldn't that be sweet?

From Dan Brown's Facebook
From Dan Brown's Facebook
Dan Brown Truck2

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