Back in June, one of my WMMQ friends, Dan Brown was making a food delivery. He left his truck running and went to deliver the food. He turned around to see his truck driving away. It all happened during broad daylight. Click here to see the original story.

Well, he sent me a message on Facebook that they found the truck "worse for wear." Check out the pictures below. Imagine if it was your vehicle.

Dan's Truck

Dan said:

"It was found on Dibble Ave at an apartment complex just about a block south of the Saginaw St. McDonald's. Some stuff in the back is mine some isn't. It's back home now and I've already started repairs."

Dan was so grateful we did the story last time he offered us a free dinner delivery. I really wish we could have saved it but hopefully he'll have her back up and running and on the road before too long.

It's a reminder to everyone: These are some desperate times we are living in and it's about to get worse. Lock up your stuff. Don't leave your car running. Protect yourself.

My brother in-law had a beat up Saturn stolen from my parents driveway in Webberville. Theft occurs even in the small towns. Some small towns are targeted because they have a reputation as being unlocked.

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