I got up around 3 am and didn't see anything special. I got up an hour later and all hell had broken loose. The roads had about an inch to 2 inches of snow. It was slick, pull you into the ditch snow.

Spotting a salt truck at 4:30 was like spotting a unicorn. I did see one on westbound 96 that wasn't even one lane. Half the way to work, driving 55, I couldn't see the road. The trucks are out there. The snow is falling so fast it's hard to keep it clear.

I saw one car way out in the bushes by the 127 and 96 merger.

Still, people are driving like idiots without clearing all the snow off their vehicle. I am grateful I drive at a time when there are very few people on the road.

Pretty much all the schools are closed and if you don't have to go out, I wouldn't.

I shoveled the walkway for my coworkers... In 5 minutes, everything I did was covered. Great day for snow angels.


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