Yoga is supposed to be a place you find some peace. We could all use some. My former radio partner is into the yoga instructing full time now. I will do whatever I can to help her out in her new endeavor.

Deb has a very peaceful voice. It's easy to relax with her calming tones... Especially when there is a chair nearby to stick your butt in. Chair yoga starts this afternoon with Debra. Get all the details by clicking here.

Back when Mrs. Pants was pregnant with our Nugget, Deb did a family yoga class for me and the wife. It really helped my wife and I connect. After giving birth, my wife had postpartum depression and we had terrible time. So bad, I ended up taking family medical leave and almost quit my job all together. Deb held the show together until I came back. Eventually, things got better but I honestly believe the yoga created a bond that held us together through a nightmare.

Find out if chair yoga is for you today with Deb. Find some peace.


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