Dave Mustaine, the frontman of Megadeth, has come down with Lyme disease. He recently revealed the news on Twitter, but added that he's doing better.

Mustaine was asked whether or not it was easy to make the transition between home life and road life. "I needed to come home," he wrote. "I have a tick bite from the farm that made me really sick for the last few months and I am really tired.'

Another fan said that he should make sure he didn't have Lyme disease, to which Mustaine replied, "That's what it is." However, he also told somebody else who expressed concern, "I'm OK. Don't worry."

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Lyme disease is transmitted to humans through bites from blacklegged ticks who have been infected with it. Symptoms include fever, headaches, fatigue and a rash. Treatment typically consists of taking antibiotics for a few weeks, although some ticks can also transmit other diseases.

Megadeth have been on the road supporting their 2016 album Dystopia, which earned them their first-ever Grammy Award, in the Best Metal Performance category, even though it caused a bit of embarrassment when Metallica's "Master of Puppets" played as the band took to the stage. Earlier this week, they wrapped up a month's worth of arena dates with Scorpions. They're set to go back out on tour, with shows in Chile, Brazil and Argentina scheduled between Oct. 29 and Nov. 4. You can get details on their website.

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