A while back, we were handing out WMMQ Yard Signs from Michigan Graphics and Signs. Click here to check out their work on Facebook. 

One of the people who came in brought some nice gifts for my child, "Nugget." Now, we call her Nugget because her first sonogram picture looked like a chicken Nugget. She doesn't respond to Nugget or her real name so, it really doesn't matter yet.

The person dropped off the gifts when I wasn't here. One of the many days I left Deb in the lurch. So, Deb got a picture and sent me an email saying "Marisol."

From the Pants Stash

I looked all over Facebook and searched my email but I can't find the "Marisol" to thank. So, if you happen to know the "Marisol" in the picture... Please make sure she sees these pictures. I finally got the baby in the outfit and took her to to church in it yesterday. Wew love the shirt, totoo and the shoes!