I have known Esteban Rubio for about 10 years now. When I used to work out, I would occasionally see him in the gym, when he was in high school. He played basketball and was damn good. We actually met on the basketball court. My nephews really thought highly of him.

After he graduated, he went to college and kept working. When we had to have a roof repaired... Esteban was on the crew. A year later, we had our floor done. Esteban was on the crew. I joked and asked when he was moving in. He did more work on the house than I ever did.

Now, he is the junior varsity basketball coach AND Life Coach. You can see his page by clicking here. 

I saw this video of his the other day.

I contacted him and told him I wanted to promote him. He said:

one of my main goals is to help people reach their goals. To chase their dreams and escape the 9-5. I want people to take control of their lives

When I asked what event lead him here he said:

I've always believed that anything is possible and now I’m starting to make moves to creating the future I want. My senior year I heard a motivational speech by Eric Thomas that inspired me, and that’s when I realized how powerful words can be. It was the how bad do you want it video. Now I just want to help other take risks towards their dreams. After I heard this Eric Thomas video I started changing my mind, and it was hard work. Once my mindset started to shift I started to accomplish so many things. I took negativity out of my head and replaced it with positivity and my life started being brighter.

Esteban also has a youtube channel. Click here to check that out. 

I love that he is encouraging others to do good. You really do feel better when you lift others up. Good luck, Esteban. I KNOW our paths will cross again.

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