I have a niece who lives down south. When she was a child living in Michigan, she was bitten by a dog. Now, she dedicates her life to helping dogs that REALLY need her.

When we had our baby Nugget in 2016, she came up and brought a few of her pets with her. Both couldn't use their back legs and wore diapers she changed. They dragged themselves all over the house and she would give them treats, love them and it was a beautiful thing to see.

My niece has all kinds of handicapped dogs and she gets help from a place called Joey's PAW Charity. Click here to see them on Facebook. 

My niece suggested I do a story on my Facebook post for good people who need promotion.

She wrote: "Joey's PAW Non-profit is an organization that pays for prosthetics and wheelchairs for dogs in need. The woman Tonya is amazing and has paid for 4 carts for our family."

The day after posting her THANKS to Joey's, my niece lost one of her babies.

I am so proud of my niece. She is a wonderful human with a huge heart. I am also proud to promote Joey's for the exact same reasons.

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