Spoiler alert: We are all going to die. It is a fact you need to come to terms with.

While we are here, we may as well enjoy a few peeks at the sky for that rarest of gems.

Tonight is the rare Black Supermoon taking up space in your sky. It's not a big black guy showing you his rear end. It's the second new moon of the calendar month. It'll offer you some amazing star gazing opportunities tonight! Click here to see I am not making it up.  

What a way to end the month of July! The rare Black Supermoon offers SUPER dark skies. In order to REALLY appreciate it, or even see the moon, you'll need some special equipment and at least 100 years of skywatching experience. I made the last part up, but skywatching experience does help. So, tonight the new moon will be virtually invisible.

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