Watch your speed today around Lansing. My informants on Facebook have been posting all morning, they are out. The cops on Harley's will be concealing themselves all over Lansing streets looking for speeders, distracted drivers and road ragers. Or just people breaking the law! (Judas Priest)

You can barely see them sometimes. They hide behind bridges and overpasses. They seem invisible in the medians until you speed by them. Especially on the days when the sun isn't out, they are hard to spot.

So, just maybe do the speed limit until we figure out all of their hiding spots.

I saw a Meridian Township police officer the other day on Mount Hope in the best spot ever. It would have been too late for me to slow down but he already got himself one before I drove by. It was heading west, just after turning off Okemos rd. He was on concealed on the sidewalk.

Just slow down, save yourself some time and money.

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