WLNS TV 6 reports that ten people were busted with allegedly forging prescriptions to get opioid pain pills, which were then sold for cash or other drugs. The suspects are facing felony charges which include defrauding the state's Medicaid program.


30-year-old Jennifer Bicego of Lansing allegedly swiped a prescription pad from a doctor’s office where she had been employed and nine others took the fake scripts to pharmacies around Lansing.

They say nine other people took the fake prescriptions to Lansing area pharmacies to obtain pills and several of those fake prescriptions were billed to Medicaid.

Arrested and charged are:

30 year old Jennifer Bicego of Lansing

22 year old Luke Gutkowski of Mason

20 year old Dustin Fritz of Lansing

20 year old Trisha Burkett of Mason

20 year old Jona Lafferty of Vernon

33 year old Lance Roe of Holt

34 year old Charles Loveall of Holt

32 year old Brandon Madden of Charlotte

31 year old Andrew Pell of East Lansing

27 year old Rachel Vito of Lansing




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