This had me in tears at 6:30am.

A Marine named Micah Herndon runs the Boston Marathon to honor his fallen Marines. He cramps up at 22 miles. Does he quit? Does he throw in the towel and say "I have had enough!"

No. He CRAWLED to the finish. To honor Juarez, Hamer and Ballard. The 3 men died in an IED attack in 2010. What an awesome tribute and inspiration for the rest of us.

This is something that contributes to the suicide rate of our military. It's not living with the Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), it's living without a lot of your friends who became like family to you. Living with why you survived and they didn't is a tricky. Some find it hard to keep going. Not only did he keep going, he finished.

Operation Long Journey Home is helping military and their families in our area. Whether it's therapy, yoga or EMDR, treatment for Post Traumatic Stress is important. It can become a disability if ignored. They do this without insurance so military won't be deranked or miss future promotions.

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