So, we decided last Saturday to take the kid to Capital City Comic Con!

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We went during the final hour just to check it out, and we were glad we did. As I was taking my first lap, I saw the old He-Man figures. I was wearing a Skeletor shirt and seeing those old dolls brought back some memories. For $125 I doubt you'll be seeing them at garage sales.

As we were working our way around, a dude started selling me on a comic. He saw my cute daughter and started working the Unikorn with Glitter Kitty Squad angle. I bought it right up. I kept walking, but he got me. I did another lap and tried finding him again. This time, there was a long line of people. I waited and bought the book he was pushing. I chatted him up for a few minutes and he told me he was from Ann Arbor. He then autographed it for me. What an awesome guy. The story in the book takes place in Kalamazoo and it's GREAT. Old school comic with great pictures, captions and a UNIKORN! Thanks Kam for being so approachable and taking time for our family.

Kam 2

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