I drove out to St. Johns to visit with Brent Hurst about his amazing product and the story behind it. Oh Mi Organics. It sounds like it has something to do with Medical Marijuana but believe me, it doesn't.

Brent's wife Megen was having health issues. She has food allergies and Rheumatoid arthritis, so for years she wasn't able to have chocolate because of dietary restrictions and food allergies, along with the arthritis. With few organic options out  Brent said "let's make our own!" Their product is so good it's now being sold in stores all over Michigan.

Before I started my car on the way home, I had the Mint out of it's package. It melted in my mouth and seriously, was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted and I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate. Brent told me about all the healthy effects of their product. Adding Megen now doesn't even take medication for her arthritis. She has lost 60 pounds and is much healthier now that she can have chocolate again. He said when she first tried their product, she hadn't been able to have chocolate for years and when she tasted it she began to cry. They had a similar situation making the chocolate, where someone with allergies hadn't had chocolate in years and sampled his with a tear in their eye. It's gluten free and organic as all get out. Some of the ingredients used in the products were grown or made right here in Michigan. Local maple syrup, local fresh honey. Handmade chocolate! Made by Brent and his wife Megen.

Brent also explained how after eating chocolate, your body releases the same dopamine as your body releases during an orgasm... Just in a smaller dose. He can actually say his product can make your legs shake. The flavors: So far, I have had the mint, Almond Butter Cup and the Sea Salt Caramel made with goat milk. They are all so good, I can't pick a favorite.

From the Pants stash


It's a very clever name too. "Oh my!" is what almost everyone says after trying them. The O and H are the initials of his grandchildren Owen and Hollie. He said one day, hopefully they will be running the business. The business is just getting off the ground. You can find Oh Mi Organics on Facebook here. Or shoot them an email here. ohmiorganics@gmail.com

Also find Oh Mi Organics products in St. Johns Country Store, Andy T's and Phillip's Orchard. Saturday (12/5) at the Oldtown General Store you can get free samples of his product from 4-6. Oh Mi makes their debut at Foods For Living in East Lansing on December 13th and he'll be there from 1-4 with more free samples.

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