I spotted this fine custom tailgate on the road the other day. They took the time to put the brake lights on.

Fancy Lights from the Pants Stash

A few years ago, I borrowed my dad's old red truck. I had to haul 4 8 foot tables. The truck is a small bed with a "Tuba Four" (2X4) tailgate. Naturally, the tables fell out during the medal awards in front of everyone. The Tuba Four fell down.

From the Pants Stash

Then, my friend Carmen sent me a picture of tailgate she saw. When describing it on the air, I said the type of wood has a Hawaiian name. It looks like a piece of Luan floor.

On the Ford truck, they expect the tailgate to rust off and on the bed liner, they leave about 2 inches for you to put your custom job in.

Brendan captured another wooden tailgate in his travels and shared it on my Facebook page. 

Today, my friend Sean posted this to my page.

The picture kind of looks like it was taken by Deb Hart. Spot a wooden tailgate? Send me a pic so we can all appreciate this fine American engineering! joey.pants@townsquaremedia.com