This week I decided to dedicate my after work time, before 2pm AKA my "caffeine cutoff time," to trying coffee shops around Lansing based on your suggestions and my second stop took me to Strange Matter Coffee Co.!

To start, my GPS had me pull up the the back entrance which normally would make me feel kind of like a creeper but there was some really cool art, and as I walked in the cool, modern vibe carried through.

With minimalist, modern, black and white theme throughout, Strange Matter struck me as the kind of place really cool, hip adults and college students hang out at.

Laptops everywhere, plenty of seating, everyone looked like this was the place to go to have good coffee, some of their donuts I had heard so much about and really focus in.

I got myself a vanilla latte and while I (stupidly) forgot to ask for soy milk, it was one of the creamiest, smoothest lattes I had ever had and it did not mess with my defective tummy at all!

The staff was so nice, welcoming and had answers for any questions I had!

I made sure to get some of their deliciously creative donuts as well and I will admit I thought about eating all four of them there just based on how pretty they were!

Top Left: Cookie Bomb, Top Right: Lemon Lavender, Bottom Leftt: Mexican Hot Chocolate, Bottom Right: Sugar Cookie

Aside from the great vibe, great coffee and great sweets, Strange Matter also shows just how inclusive they are to everyone with all kinds of options for any diet restrictions, including vegan donuts, and a sign that is something good to live by!

All in all, I loved Strange Matter. It definitely gave me the feeling of going back to my cool college hangouts and I will definitely be back even if it's for nothing but another donut!

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