Facebook Photo Courtesy David J Cantu
Facebook Photo Courtesy David J Cantu

It began in May 2015:

There appears to be a great deal of excitement about the return of Mr. Taco to Lansing.

Our friend Tim Hoffman was the first to alert us - he says they used to make a regular Mr. Taco run from Sexton High School to the Saginaw location for lunch at least every other day when he was a student there.

A Facebook page for those longing for the return of Mr. Taco was started Friday - it already has over 3,600 followers. The Lansing State Journal has more information here about the return of the taco maker.

Eric Lacy says on Facebook: If Mr. Taco is coming back, then The Dollar has to come back. Booty tunes Wednesdays, anyone? ‪#‎LoveLansing‬

June 2016: "Soon" starts to become questionable...

August 2016: Nick shared this story about Mr. Taco's pending opening.

September 2017: This was the message at the time.

November 2017: Then this.

January 2018: Closer, it seems...

February 2018: Mr. Taco interviewed potential employees.

This week, you can buy a Mr. Taco t-shirt, but no tacos or burritos yet...

Dare you to ask on the Mr. Taco Facebook page when they're going to open.

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