Back in 1997, I was listening to Drew and Mike and heard the Specs Howard ad, The guy I was working with, Joe Fuller said "you sound like you should be on the radio."

In retrospect, he was probably sick of working with me but I did it and 21 years later, I am still in radio. It had a lot to do with Mike Clark. He got into radio a bit later at the age of 37. Giving me hope I could actually do it.

I actually called the show frequently. I only got through to them once, asked the wrong question and was hung up on. They could hang up on you and you would still love them.

Their show was awesome. They did just about anything and DOMINATED Detroit radio in the late 90's and into the 2000's

I guess Mike had health issues and died peacefully in his sleep. I will never forget him and Detroit and how fate lead me to the radio. Click here for pictures, a reaction from Drew Lane and the full sad story. 

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