A few years ago, we had a WMMQ birthday party at Champions. That night, Darrell Wiles and his son Josh came out and scored some sweet prizes. I believe Josh went home with a Justin Verlander Tigers Jersey. Not long after, I started seeing them at more events. Eventually, they won the B1G 10 Basketball tournament getaway and ended up having a great family vacation.

We stayed in touch, became friends and now he is like family to me. We sat together for the MSU Oregon game in 2015. He and his son Josh joined and won our golf league the last 2 years. Not only is he family to me, he is great role model for a lot of his kids friends. When I was in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl in 2015, I spent most of my time hanging with him. He even got my wife a ticket to a SOLD OUT College Football Playoff game.

This New Year, Darrell spent in Santa Clara watching MSU lose the Redbox Bowl to Oregon 7-6. In the 55 degree weather, he got his picture rocking the WMMQ shirt.

Thanks for being a GREAT WMMQ listener Darrell! We are lucky to have you.

From the Wiles vacation stash
From the Wiles vacation stash

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