Grabbing his sign today was David Jenkins. It seems like I have been talking to David since 2005 when I started but I may be wrong.

From the Pants Stash

One of the first times I met David, he had his "I pooped Today" shirt on.

David and I had so many great talks about poop and Deb always made her displeasure known with disgruntled sound effects. He brought me in this awesome coffee mug.

One time he called up trying to win Lugnut tickets on a made up name contest. You were supposed to name the real player: It was Boof Bonser but I fooled David with Tuck Johnson. He thought I said Tug but they were both funny. If I didn't give him the damn tickets, I should have. Whenever he calls now, he calls himself Tug Johnson.

I am honored to have Tug Johnson have our yard sign to put in his yard.

Please pray for my friend David. If you don't pray please think a positive thought for him. And give life. You can't take your organs with you.

A BIG THANKS to Michigan Graphics & Signs for hooking up such a cool sign.
If you want your yard sign, shoot an email to Or just come and see Deb and I on the air between 8-10 AM weekdays only! Supplies are running out fast! At this rate, they will be gone next week.