There is a lot I don't know about Down Syndrome. This really helped explain to me why on March 21, or 3/21 we rock the socks for Down Syndrome.

If you didn't know, I have a child with Down Syndrome. Her name is "Nugget." 2 times they offered us TERMINATION dates for our miracle. The second time we told them to not ask again.

In other countries, they never give these kids a shot at life. Being the parent of a child with Down Syndrome has it's own reward system.

Here is my post from last year.

It turned into a fight about sandals... But we raised awareness.

I remember sitting by the keyboard last year so happy so many people cared about my child. It meant a lot to me and my wife. If you are rocking the socks this year... Please tag us in your pictures so we can show her someday, how many people love her.

Use the hashtags #nuggetpants #joeypants for me to see. Or #rockthesocks #lotsofsocks. When you click those hast tags you see all the posts who have tagged them.



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