Since I can remember, Peeps have been a staple in my Easter basket and later the basket of my own daughter.

However, what I witnessed while grocery shopping not only stopped me cold in my tracks but made me thankful that I am the age that I am. Only having two colors and one flavor of the sugary sponge treat was fine with me. Even when bunnies were added and then purple. I was still good with the same bland flavor and diabetic coma that would soon follow consuming mass quantities of them and the jelly beans that made their way to the bottom of the basket through the plastic grass.

The latest editions have me perplexed with just one question; "WHY?" It's a one time a year treat. So why make a fuss of such ridiculous flavors as Cotton Candy, Sour Watermelon and least of all Pancakes and Syrup! OK, maybe the cotton candy might be good. I'm surprised that they missed the boat on the whole pumpkin spice thing! Then again, with all of the new flavors, it may actually exist!

Would you eat any of these?